Publicaciones Científicas


Publicaciones 2022

  1. Adaptive mitochondrial genome functioning in ecologically different farm-impacted natural seedbeds of the endemic blue mussel Mytilus chilensis. Marco Yevenes, Gustavo Nuñez-Acuña, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate, Gonzalo Gajardo. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part D: Genomics and Proteomics 2022(42),
  2. Analytical performance of Compton/Rayleigh signal ratio by total reflection X-ray fluorescence (TXRF): A potential methodological tool for sample differentiation". Mennickent, D., Castillo, R. d. P., Araya, J., Neira, J. Y. X-Ray Spectrom 2022, 51(2):142-150,
  3. Comparative Study of Metabolomic Profile and Antioxidant Content of Adult and In Vitro Leaves of Aristotelia chilensis. Crisóstomo-Ayala KA, Sabater-Jara AB, Pérez Manriquez C, Ferreres F, Gil-Izquierdo Á, Pedreño MÁ, Hernández de la Torre M, Sanchez-Olate M, Ríos Leal DG. 2022; 11(1):37.
  4. Distributional homogeneity and penetration depth assessment of antibiotic added by surface coating to pellets with mid Infrared imaging and multivariate curve resolution. Camila Y. Bastidas, Rosario del P. Castillo, José Manuel Amigo, Carlos von Plessing, José Troncoso. Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, 2022 (271)- 120864.
  5. Effect of light intensity on steviol glycosides production in leaves of Stevia rebaudiana plants. Vives Hernández K, Moreno-Romero J, Hernández de la Torre M, Pérez Manríquez C, Ríos Leal D, Martínez-Garcia JF. Phytochemistry 2022, 194, 113027.
  6. Method for Calcium Carbonate Deposition inWood That Increases Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Fire Resistance. Vicente Hernández, Romina Romero, David Contreras, Sebastian Arias. Coatings 2022, 12(1), 72;
  7. Microplastic pollution on the soil and its consequences on the nitrogen cycle: A Review. Riveros, G., Urrutia, H., Araya, J., Zagal, E., Schoebitz, M. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2022 6):7997-8011. DOI 10.1007/s11356-021-17681-2.
  8. Proximity ligation strategy for the genomic reconstruction of microbial communities associated with the ectoparasite Caligus rogercresseyi. Valenzuela-Miranda, D., Gonçalves, A.T., Valenzuela-Muñoz, V. et al.Sci Rep 12, 783 (2022).
  9. Quantifying key parameters related to the life cycle of Caligus rogercresseyi. Jaewoon Jeong, Gregor F.McEwan, Gabriel Arriagada, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate, Crawford W.Revie. Journal of Fish Diseases, 2022, 45(1):219-224. doi: 10.1111/jfd.13535.
  10. Sensitivity assessment to azamethiphos by time-to-response bioassay and biomarkers in the sea louse Caligus rogercresseyi, Constanza Sáez-Vera, Gustavo Núñez-Acuña, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate. Aquaculture 2022(546), 737340.
  11. Whole-genome expression approach for transcriptome analysis reveals novel insights of transposon genes and non-coding RNAs during Atlantic salmon seawater adaptation. Valentina Valenzuela-Muñoz, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate, Bárbara P. Benavente, Diego Valenzuela-Miranda, Gustavo Nuñez-Acuña, Hugo Escobar-Sepulveda and Juan Antonio


 Publicaciones 2021


  1. A review on the lignin biopolymer and its integration in the elaboration of sustainable materials. Vásquez-Garay, F., Carrillo-Varela, I., Vidal, C., Reyes-Contreras, P., Faccini, M., Mendonça, R.T. Sustainability 2021, 13(5), 2697.
  2. A Study of UVER in Santiago, Chile Based on Long-Term In Situ Measurements (Five Years) and Empirical Modelling. Gonzalez-Rodriguez, L , de Oliveira, AP , Rodriguez-Lopez, L., Rosas, J. Contreras, D., Baeza, AC. Energies 2021, 14(2), 368;
  3. Adaptive Differences in Gene Expression in Farm-Impacted Seedbeds of the Native Blue Mussel Mytilus chilensis. Marco Yevenes, Gustavo Nuñez-Acuña, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate, Gonzalo Gajardo. Front. Genet., 2021.
  4. Pino-Torres, César, Castillo-Felices, Rosario, Mundaca-Uribe, Rodolfo, Mendez-Herrera, Paola, Aranda-Bustos, Mario, & Peña-Farfal, Carlos. (2021). Development and assesment of spectroscopy methodologies and chemometrics strategies to detect pharmaceuticals blend endpoint in a pharmaceutical powder blend. . Journal of the Chilean Chemical Society, 66(4), 5387-5397.
  5. Antagonistic activity of endophytic actinobacteria from native potatoes (Solanum tuberosum subsp. tuberosum L.) against Pectobacterium carotovorum subsp. carotovorum and Pectobacterium atrosepticum. Padilla-Gálvez N, Luengo-Uribe P, Mancilla S, Maurin A, Torres C, Ruiz P, France A, Acuña I, Urrutia H. BMC Microbiol 21, 335 (2021).
  6. Behavioural Fever Promotes an Inflammatory Reflex Circuit in Ectotherms. Sanhueza N, Fuentes R, Aguilar A, Carnicero B, Vega K, Muñoz D, Contreras D, Moreno N, Troncoso E, Mercado L, Morales-Lange B, Boltana S. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. 2021; 22(16):8860.
  7. bHLH Transcription Factors Undergo Alternative Splicing During Cold Acclimation in a Eucalyptus hybrid. Héctor Apablaza, Myriam Solís, Daniel Conejera, Alexis Fonseca, Jorge Cid, Estefanía Tarifeño-Saldivia, Sofía Valenzuela, Veronica Emhart & Marta Fernández. Plant Molecular Biology Reporter. 2021.
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  9. Chemical induction of polyploidy increases astaxanthin accumulation capacity in the microalgae Haematococcus Lacustris (Gir.Chantr.) Cristian Agurto: Regis Le-Feuvre, Priscila Moraga-Suazo, Javiera González-Durán, Sergio San Martin, Alvaro Valdevenito, Vitalia Henríquez, Verónica Rojas, Andres Agurto and Cristian Agurto-Muñoz. Algal Research, 2021, 59, 102465.
  10. Chimeric protein IPath® with chelating activity improves Atlantic salmon behavior to pathogens infections. Valentina Valenzuela-Muñoz, Bárbara P.Benavente, Antonio Casuso, Yeny Leal and Cristian Gallardo-Escárate. Vaccines 2021, 9(4), 361;
  11. Chromosome-scale genome assembly of the sea louse Caligus rogercresseyi bye SMRT sequencing and Hi-C analysis. Cristian Gallardo-Escárate, Valentina Valenzuela-Muñoz, Gustavo Nuñez-Acuña, Diego Valenzuela-Miranda, Ana Teresa Goncalves, Hugo Escobar-Sepulveda, Ivan Liachko, Bradley Nelson, Steven Roberts & Wesley Warren. Sci Data 8, 60 (2021).
  12. Color fastness of fabrics after dyeing with fungal dyes. Vicente Hernández, Ángela Machuca, Nicole Sagredo, Felipe Galleguillos. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 2021, 33(2): 232-240.
  13. Comparative assessment of cellulose nanofibers and calcium alginate beads for continuous Cu(II) adsorption in packed columns: the influence of water and surface hydrophobicity. Fiol, N., Tarrés, Q., Vásquez, M.G., Pereira, M.A., Mendonça, R.T., Mutjé, P., Delgado-Aguilar, M. Cellulose 2021, 28: 4327–4344.
  14. Comprehensive Transcriptome Analyses in Sea Louse Reveal Novel Delousing drug responses through MicroRNA regulation. Gustavo Nuñez-Acuña, Valentina Valenzuela-Muñoz, Diego Valenzuela-Miranda, Cristian Gallardo-Escárate. Marine Biotechnology 2021, 23(5):710-723. DOI: 10.1007/s10126-021-10058-z
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  17. Determination of equilibrium constants of iron(iii)-1,2-dihydroxybenzene complexes and the relationship between calculated iron speciation and degradation of rhodamine B. Adolfo Henríquez, Pablo Salgado, Milenka Albornoz,   Victoria Melín,   Héctor D. Mansilla,   Lorena Cornejo-Ponce  and  David Contreras. New J. Chem. 2021, 45, 15912-15919.
  18. Effect of a Sono-Thermal Pre-treatment Over Methane Production, Specific Activities and the Microbial Community of Sludge Anaerobic Digesters. Neumann P., López D., Ruiz-Tagle N., Sossa K. and Vidal G. Waste and Biomass Valorization (WAVE) 12, 1927–1941.
  19. Effects on Lignin Redistribution in Eucalyptus globulus Fibres Pre-Treated by Steam Explosion: A Microscale Study to Cellulose Accessibility.  Troncoso-Ortega, E.; Castillo, R.d.P.; Reyes-Contreras, P.; Castaño-Rivera, P.; Teixeira Mendonça, R.; Schiappacasse, N.; Parra, C. Biomolecules 2021, 11, 507.
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  21. Glassy Carbon Electrode Modified with C/Au Nanostructured Materials for Simultaneous Determination of Hydroquinone and Catechol in Water Matrices. Piña, S.; Candia-Onfray, C.; Hassan, N.; Jara-Ulloa, P.; Contreras, D.; Salazar, R. Chemosensors 2021, 9(5), 88;
  22. Influence of lignin distribution, physicochemical characteristics and microstructure on the quality of biofuel pellets made from four different types of biomass. Pegoretti, H., Muñoz, F., Mendonça, R.T., Sáez, K., Olave, R., Segura, C., Souza, D.P.L., Protásio, T.P., Rodríguez-Soalleiro, R. Renewable Energy 2021, 163: 1802-1816.
  23. Interferon Gamma Induces the Increase of Cell-Surface Markers (CD80/86, CD83 and MHC-II) in Splenocytes From Atlantic Salmon. Morales-Lange Byron, Ramírez-Cepeda Felipe, Schmitt Paulina, Guzmán Fanny, Lagos Leidy, Øverland Margareth, Wong-Benito Valentina, Imarai Mónica, Fuentes Derie, Boltaña Sebastián, Alcaíno Javier, Soto Carlos, Mercado Luis. Frontiers in Immunology, 2021, 12.
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  29. Role of β-CD Macromolecule Anchored to α-Fe2O3/TiO2 on the Selectivity and Partial Oxidation of Guaiacol to Add-Value Products. Nicole Espinoza-Villalobos, Susana Rojas, Ricardo Andrés Salazar, David Contreras, Nestor Escalona, Elizabeth Vergara, Miguel Angel Laguna-Bercero, Fernando Mendizabal, and Lorena Barrientos. ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2021, 9, 34: 11427–11438.
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 Publicaciones 2020

  1.  Anti-herpetic Activity of Macrocystis pyrifera and Durvillaea antarctica Algae Extracts Against HSV-1 and HSV-2. Castillo, L. F. Duarte, N. Corrales , D. M. Álvarez , M. A. Farías , A. Henríquez , P. C. Smith, C. Agurto-Muñoz and P. A. González. Frontiers in Microbiology. 2020. 11:2006. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2020.02006 
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